Welcome to 85-Percent

We are a strategic marketing, communications and leadership consultancy, dedicated to advancing women as responsible consumers and professionals.

A large number of companies never stop to consider the effect branding has on its products and services. Branding is what sets your company aside from thousands of others. We understand that, so our consulting process starts with conducting one-on-one interviews. We begin with speaking to the influential members in your marketplace, like the media, suppliers, and even your brand’s rejecters, to better understand how your brand is perceived.

You are the brand you put out into the world. Brands aren’t just important for companies to build and maintain, they’re just as relevant for individuals looking to advance themselves and their careers. Through a series of workshops and personal consultation sessions, we help our clients define not just their personal purpose, but their plans (long and short-term) for achieving the position they aspire to in both their personal and professional lives.