The Mission of The 85-Percent

Our Mission

85% of consumer purchases are made by women. Oddly though, the senior leadership in the companies they purchase from, is still dominated by men. 85-Percent was founded to even the scales – informing women as consumers and advancing them to achieve their full potential as professionals, business owners and leaders.
HOLLY LYNCH, Founder and CEO, The 85-Percent

Holly’s long-standing commitment to social progress, socially responsible business, and effective communications to/for women, permeates everything she does. It’s also the lens through which she views brand strategy and insight mining.

A native of New York City and a Harvard grad, Holly is an advertising, strategic planning and brand communications veteran, with 13 years experience at agencies such as: Ogilvy, BBH and StrawberryFrog. Her career has focused on socially progressive innovation and brand strategy efforts for Volvo, Toyota, IBM, The Dove Campaign for Real Beauty and Self-Esteem Fund, British Airways, Levi's, Vaseline Skin Care, Frito-Lay, Stacy’s Pita Chips, New Balance and countless more. She’s also been a consultant for Procter & Gamble on how to innovate and promote healthier, more sustainable product lines for future generations.

In addition to working with private clients on their branding/marketing needs, she also mentors at a number of technology accelerators in New York City and Providence, and belongs to 37 Angels; a NYC-based angel investing network.

A recent graduate of the Aspen Institute’s Aspen Seminar for Leadership in the Good Society as well as the Pipeline Fellowship, Holly has taken her passion for empowering women to the next level, and hopes to share her good fortune with the broader international community.